About loop development from the perspective of a ribbon
Installation/ Videoloop/ 2009

This video observes the complex process of tying a bow from the inside perspective. This process is filmed inside a card-board box with a finger camera, which was fixed on the upper side of the ribbon. Thus, the viewer can reenact physically the constant changes of dimension and perspective. The video is projected in central perspective on a wall in such a way, that the coordinates of the box are prolonged by the coordinates of the real space. If the viewer´s standpoint is central to the projection, a trompe l´oeil effect occurs. As soon as the ribbon turns around, it is also the notion of space which wavers and in which under and over, above and below, right and left coincide in each other through the fluent mouvement. A multidimensional space arises which questions our perspective order and which examines the knot as a tactile and visual phenomenon.