Video, HD, colour, 3 min, 2017

The close-up view of an eye, which is represented as a tangible, bodily organ, thus captured in its sensual effect and appearance.The smooth, shiny surface mirrors the outside surroundings, of which the body is part - a radical subjective perspective. Although the reflections situate the body, they are not able to unveil the process of sight itself, which remains invisible.
The video was shot by a camera which was fixed with a helmet on the head, focusing on the reflections arising on the eye. The camera was directed in such a way that its lens in form of a black point was congruent with the eye´s pupil.  In doing so, the viewer has the impression of looking through the eyes of someone else while indeed, he is just seeing a reflection. This double-meaning corresponds to the title of the video Glance, being a homonym for a quick look and something glossy at the same time.