site-specific video, HD, b&w, 10´00 min/ 2014

This video examines the way our body is always present as a permant condition of our visual perception.
A camera is fixed with a helmet on my head, focusing on the reflections arising on the pupil of my
eye. The camera is fixed in such a way that the lens - the black point - is congruent with the pupil.
With this camera construction, I walked through the exhibition space whose architecture is reflected in
distorsion on my eye. Since the eye is spheric, one can see not only the architechture reflected on the
eye, but also the reflection of my own moving body: eyelashes, the nose, hands and feet.
In doing so, the viewer has the impression of looking through my eyes while indeed, he is just seeing
a reflection. This double meaning correponds to the video´s title Glance, beiing a homonym for a quick look and something glossy or reflective at the same time.