Hollow profiles
Pencil-drawing with mirror foils/ 42x59 cm/ 2011

This work consists of drawings of the imagined backsides of african masks, which are always hidden in ethnological museums. With those drawings, I tried to imagine the backsides of african masks by turning them mentally inside-out and drawing their possible negative form.
On the drawings, the covetous frontside is turned away from the viewer, while the interior of the mask - the negative form - opens up towards him. The drawing sheet turns into an epidermis with a hollow profile, into which the viewer can place his own face like into a perfect shape of his skin. A reversed portrait. Thus, we are not looking on a mask, but rather we are located inside of it, while mirror foils fixed next to the drawings are reflecting the frontside, our own face. Face and mask, frontside and backside, they fall into each other.